The recent headlines reflected a new image of President Obama as the business friendly President. He will smooth talk and cajole them into creating "new jobs". But Mr. President in business, unlike government, you need to have a demand for a product or service BEFORE you create jobs.

After 2 1/2 years of his Keynesian economic policies and a trillion dollar "stimulus" it seems that our economy is moving in the predictable direction most real world economists foretold.

Almost all of President Obama's original economic advisers have resigned and gone back to their academic careers. Their work in Washington is accomplished, the results of their economic theories are reflected in the record unemployment numbers and fast rising inflation.

Bureaucracies seem to be fighting business on every level. Boeing is being sued for moving some of its manufacturing operations to South Carolina, a right to work state, in order to help it become more competitive with its rival Airbus, for the worldwide jet market....Isn't South Carolina a part of the United States?

General Motors is building a new engine manufacturing plant in Mexico, with the administrations blessing, huh?

Wisconsin's attempt to rein in run away spending and attract business is being fought by the administrations minions every step of the way. The looming Obamacare has brought great extra cost & uncertainty to businesses in America and our corporate tax rate is among the highest in the world.

But there is a bright spot on the economic horizon as a result of this administrations wooing:

Mr. Woo in mainland China is adding a 3rd shift to keep up with demand for his manufactured goods. Mr. Woo likes how the administration has been wooing American business. He can make huge profits, by manufacturing his products without the regulations American businesses have to abide by. He is not worried about green house gasses, child labor, labor unions, Obamacare, The Environmental Protection Agency, planning departments/permits, Card Check & tort lawyers suing him into oblivion. To him the economic future looks stupendous.

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