While President Obama was taping the Oprah Winfrey show, attending fundraisers to collect money for his re-election campaign and other affairs of state so critical to America's well being....... A runaway natural disaster is turning one of our states into cinders.

Texas has been burning up by wildfires that have destroyed over two million acres, obliterated over 900 buildings and so far killed two firefighters. But the federal government has turned a deaf ear to its pleas to turn Texas into a federal disaster area. If this isn't an environmental and social disaster just what is?

Texas Governor Rick Perry asked President Obama for help two weeks ago, in fighting the biggest fires in Texas history, so far Obama has not responded. FEMA is still trying to reply to the request for help from Texas. The problem, according to federal officials is no money.

But when another natural disaster occurred in Alabama caused by tornadoes, it was instantly jumped on by Obama when he took a short trip from Cape Kennedy to Alabama for photo ops. Amidst the rubble of Alabama and the flashes of hundreds of cameras and recorders, Obama could look presidential in declaring Alabama a federal disaster area and unleash millions in assistance to that state.

In the meantime Texas is still burning and has not received the much needed declaration from president Obama to say it a disaster and open it up to millions in federal assistance.

Is there some bad political blood between Governor Rick Perry of Texas and President Obama that is causing the citizens of the state of Texas to suffer? The Republican Governor of the red state has been a vocal critic of Obamas policies in the past.

The reason for a national government is to provide assistance to individual states that are facing catastrophes beyond their ability to fight alone.

Would the bluest states, the most indebted, highly unionized, most democrat receive the same response Texas is getting? Just think about it if Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware, California, or New Jersey were burning up for over two weeks would their letters for help get lost in the mail?

Unless our President wants to be saddled with the same lasting impression as Nero fiddling while Rome burned. He better act Presidential and help Texas.

Editors update today May 3: Texas U.S. Senators, Cornyn and Hutchinson have both requested the that the Obama administration declare Texas a disaster area due to over 7,000 out of control wildfires burning the state up.

Editors update today May 6: Texas still has no emergency declaration from the Obama administration. However
President Declares Emergency for Louisiana, Feds Mobilize for flood response ( The state of Sen. Mary Landreau, whose vote for Obamacare was key to its passage.)