Hecklers at Brennan hearing
After serving 4 turbulent years in the Obama administration as counter terrorism advisor, and highly partisan spin doctor for President Obama, John Brennan was nominated to be the new director of the CIA.
If Mr. Brennan expected a placid sail through the senate confirmation process in Washington today, he was sorely mistaken.
Right off the bat, he was heckled by members of Code Pink, who hold him responsible for masterminding armed drone strikes on terrorist targets in the middle east that have resulted in the deaths of thousands, including innocent women and children.
Code Pink was synonymous with activist Cindy Sheehan as they stalked President Bush during his terms, or anyone in his administration they felt responsible for the war in Iraq.  Heckling, die ins and throwing blood on members of the Bush administration were a regular occurrence.    
Yet Code Pink has been strangely quiet for the past 4 years of the Obama administration, which exposed their partisan political agenda…Until today, when they got a chance to show their displeasure with Obama policies.
But senators from both parties picked up where Code Pink left off after security cleared the protesters from the room. 
Senators demanded Brennan explain Obama policy justifying the killing of Americans on foreign soil who they feel could be a threat to America. These killings can be done without a hearing or any semblance of rights Americans are entitled to. Brennan did not have a satisfactory answer for many of the senators, who feel the Obama administration has set itself up as judge jury and executioner.
Additionally, Brennan was criticized for the drone program which is killing suspected terrorists instead of capturing them and gaining valuable intelligence. One Senator asked how many terror suspects have they brought in for interrogation since the drone program began 4 years ago.  Brennan said he would have to check on that.  The senator said, “don’t bother I have the answer:  it is one suspect.”
This showcases the logic of this administration who says enhanced interrogation techniques, like pouring water on a terrorists face, is inhumane, yet when they drop a bomb on a suspected terrorists head it is morally acceptable.
He was also questioned on his involvement in the leaking of highly classified intelligence to the press in order to make President Obama look "commander in chief" like.  This public leak of our intelligence has been said to be deeply damaging to operations affecting counter terrorism and efforts to thwart Iran’s aim to obtain nuclear weapons.
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Brennan has a long history of statements during the Obama administration, where he doesn’t seem to acknowledge Islamic terrorism and has wrapped himself up in pretzel-like semantics to avoid mentioning it.  He was asked to explain those statements as well, since he is a reflection of the Obama administration who would rather use the term “man caused disaster” rather that Islamic terrorism, when it occurs.
Read article on Obama administration refusal to call terrorism, terrorism.
One issue that was brought up and should be squarely focused upon in the next hearing, are the murders of our personnel in Benghazi. The Obama administration, including Brennan, has been given a pass on this by the main stream media. It has been too long for the Obama administration to come forward with the truth on this.
After today’s confirmation hearing ended, Senator Saxby Chambliss said he was not satisfied with Brennan's answers and looked forward to next Tuesdays hearing to probe him further on these and other issues.