Obama Care or not America's broken health system needs to be fixed

I’ve had about all I can take with this Obama Care stuff.

Some in Congress say that the Obama Care – or more officially the Affordable Care Act - is the worst legislation to ever become law and that it is ruining the country. Others say that the new health care law will bring coverage to thirty or more million Americans who are currently without insurance and is an important step towards bringing the US in line with the rest of the civilized nations who guarantee health care to their citizens.

Over this, the American government was essentially closed for sixteen days.

The initial roll out of Obama Care has been rocky due to a faulty website for those seeking medical coverage at the national level. Those in Massachusetts already enjoy near universal coverage thanks to Romney Care, the program endorsed by their former governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Those in New York do not have to go to the national exchange (or website) because that state, like twenty two others, has set up their own exchange called New York State of Health.

As to whether or not Obama Care will destroy the country, I highly doubt it. It may have flaws which can be fixed or it may need to be replaced with a more effective plan. I don’t think anyone could really know the outcome yet.

What we do know is that the US has had the most expensive and ineffective health care system in the developed world. American healthy life spans are the lowest among the industrialized nations, a fact that far precedes Obama Care – an indication that something needs to be fixed.

Let’s see if Obama Care can do that.