I was in Out Patients most of the day with my 17-year-old son who broke his arm falling off a horse six weeks ago.

There were over 100 people waiting for reviews of broken bones; children, seniors and disabled, all called for 1pm.

That makes no sense, the place was crazy.

But it forced us to sit next to each other for four hours which I am so grateful for.

Since he left home to start a ‘career’ riding horses I haven’t seen enough of him.

I miss the thud, thud, thud of the slither hitting off the gable wall that drove us mad for 12 years.

When I see groups of his friends in the village his absence is painful. He should have had a couple more years of that care free existence.

The yellow school bus seems to wait around corners to pounce on me and break my heart every couple of days.

We were comfortable in each others company and a few sensitive subjects were broached that you couldn’t attempt on a quick visit.

Of course I want him to go back to school. I know education is the key, but I don’t know how to sell that to an invincible 17yr old who cuts the cast off his broken arm because it is annoying him.

Outside x-ray we had a radio and we all strained to hear as Obama left the American Embassy.

Big excitement as the car got stuck and texts went off all around the room ‘Obama’s car is stuck on the ramp’
Outside Physio there was a small TV. Nurses, doctors and patients were glued to it as he arrived in Moneygall.

It didn’t do much for the progress of the queue but we can forgive him that.

We saw him drink The Pint.

I saw Air force One arrive before I left and I got home just in time for The Speech.

We have no money, the hospitals are in chaos, it has rained for the last month but everyone is in love today.
An American President in Ireland is guaranteed a good reception, but yesterday was special.

We are a small country, but we have a big, handsome friend.