Northern Irishmen are the most satisfied in bed
Only 32 percent of men in Northern Ireland said they were dissatisfied with their sex lives, while the Bayer Healthcare survey found that half of Scottish men were unhappy in the bedroom. A whopping 47 percent of men in England said they were sexually unsatisfied and 32 percent of men in Wales also said they were missing out in their sex lives.

Men who were married or living with their partner, showed the highest levels of satisfaction in their sex lives. While men who were widowed reported the highest levels of dissatisfaction.

A total of 18 percent of males in Northern Ireland and Wales said they would talk to their partner about sexual related problems, while only nine percent of Scottish men said they would approach their other half.
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The survey also found that men were more likely to fix their car or computer before approaching a doctor regarding sexual related matters, such as a low sex drive.

Presenting the findings at a conference, Dr Geoffrey Hackett, a GP and consultant in sexual medicine said sexual health for men can be an issue they ignore.

“As the data shows, men are more likely to fix their hard drive than their sex drive," he said.

The findings will be discussed at the Men's Health World Congress in Vienna, which aims to explore awareness and barriers to diagnosis across the UK.