A so-called "Nigerian scam" is doing the round via email targeting native Irish speakers. The email promises an unlikely sum of money to the email recipient if they send on their personal banking details. The the scam is written in Irish. 

According to the Irish Times the email's heading reads "An raibh Roghnaithe Comhghairdeas leat Seoladh R-phost a fháil £888,446.00 Ó Náisiún Aontaithe!”

Professor of translation studies at Dublin City University, Dr Michael Cronin says the fluency of the Irish is impressive but it's unlikely that the con-artists are actually Irish speaking.

He said "The funny thing about it is, it’s fairly good. There’s quite a lot of repeated mistakes in it, which means it reads like something fed into a machine translation package, but with a much higher standard than you’d normally get. It looks like somebody who speaks Irish had a look at it."

According to the e-mail, the United Nations is offering the lucky recipient £888,446 about €1 million – if they supply a bank account details.