Florida police slammed over asking woman to shake out her bra

Women from New York to Boston are outraged over the decision to suspend a Lakeland, Florida policeman for only one day after he forced a woman to shake her bra during a traffic stop last May.

According to reports, the cop, Dustin Fetz, says he had suspected the victim, Zoe Brugger, of hiding drugs in her brazier. He then ordered the woman to shake her bra in front of him, after which the woman complied.

No drugs were found.

Once the incident became public, the officer reportedly took four days off with pay and was suspended from his job for one day in as a result of the incident. Fetz was also instructed to undergo retraining.

The state attorney who represents Polk County, where Lakeland is located has called the actions of officer Fetz "highly questionable," saying such practices are both ineffective and dangerous.

Terry D. an attorney from Queens NY says:

“This is an actionable offence. In this case the officer is the criminal and the woman who was stopped is the true victim. Police do not have the right to have woman manipulate their breasts on the street no matter what they might suspect. What the hell kind of world do we want to live in?”

An NYPD officer, who was made aware of the incident, commented this way:

“I have no idea why a police officer would proceed this way. If there was reasonable suspicion that the woman was hiding drugs in her bra, proper procedure would dictate that a female officer be called in to conduct any type of search like this and that the search would be conducted in a place other than on the street in plain sight of the public.”