So, it's 2012. Whether or not we'll make it to the end of it as movies and crazy's suggest is a conversation for a different day but while we're here we may as well make the best of it. And you can't do that without a notebook. Seriously!  It's a non negotiable and one of the many things I collect... There's nothing as fulfilling as writing in a fresh notebook or diary; the feel, the promise, the sparkling white pages. It's like being back at school where the best part of a new term was the smell of the books.

Whether it's a 'to-do' list or a set of goals, a meeting reminder or your deepest darkest thoughts, a notebook is utterly personal. Like choosing a man, you should pick one that you love, not something to impress your mates. I'm a leather kind of chick and prefer things that are a little classic rather than faddish although I did once have a notebook with a picture of a gorgeous, dirty Irish fry-up-I loved bringing it to model castings!

If you're looking for the creme, check out Smythson. Quintessentially English, no editor worth her salt would be seen without one of these monogrammed bad boys. Their celebrity fan list includes Hollywoods A-list and Britain's monarchy!

But they are expensive so you can opt for a classic Moleskine instead. Used by Ernest Hemingway and Van Gogh among others, these leather bound notebooks come in a myriad of different designs, sizes and specifications. I have a couple of these on the go at any one time to separate projects.

There's also the age old Filofax which, despite it being a tad old-fashioned, I can't live without. Mine is Anya Hindmarch-black, subtle and sturdy. Seriously these are a life saver but once you succumb you can expect your memory to turn to shit.

Lastly, is the most novel little diary I've seen in a while! By Taschen, Keel's 'Simple Diary' is a revelation for people who dream of keeping a diary but just don't have the commitment. And to be fair, a personal diary is a little daunting, I used to take ages to actually plan the first few pages of mine, assuming that if I died people would read it so I must appear deep and interesting and grip them from the start! With Keel's all you do is tick the boxes and fill in the answers to some random questions everyday; like multiple choice for poets.

Whatever one you choose, make sure you use it! 2012 is going to be BIG... Make it count and make it memorable.