Back pain drugs could be linked to ED

A new study published last month in the journal Spine, shows that men who are prescribed opioid pain killers for back pain are significantly more likely to develop erectile dysfunction.

According to the studies lead investigator, Richard A. Deyo, MD, MPH, from the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research and professor of Evidence-based Family Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University, 50 percent of men are more likely to receive ED prescriptions than men who did not take prescription painkillers.

The study involved over 11,000 cases.

Speaking of the report, Deyo said : "There is no question that for some patients opioid use is appropriate, but there is also increasing evidence that long-term use can lead to addiction, fatal overdoses, sleep apnea, falls in the elderly, reduced hormone production, and now erectile dysfunction.

The men were then prescribed ED medications and/or testosterone.

The study comes as a warning to those who continue to take opioid painkillers such as hydrocodone and oxycodone over extended periods of time.


The giant rich kid and a couple of little monsters

Ok. So, let me understand this.

Some little monsters we call terrorists take a couple of flying lessons, buy some box cutters and one-way airline tickets. As a result the World Trade Center is destroyed and American life is forever changed.

So I’m told.

Some little monsters in Boston buy a pressure cooker, gather some nails and fireworks, drop their backpacks on a sidewalk and American life is changed forever.

So I’m told.

What was the total cost in time and money to these little monsters?

Well, probably not very much. Perhaps a few hours here and there and little spare bucks.

But, what price in response has the giant rich kid paid in time and treasure?

No doubt countless hours in manpower, military maneuvers, and lost time due to security concerns. Trillions of dollars have, and continue to be spent on a so called “war on terror” – a war without end.

The latest scandal over our national security apparatus and government snooping is again sparking debate over whether or not our time and money is being well spent and if we are truly any safer as a result of all this nonsense.

My guess is that all this security crap costs far too much for far too little. But after all, that’s the way giant rich kids behave when faced with a little monsters. When I listen to these bought and paid for politicians, civil service reps, and government contractors, I become even more skeptical about where Americans are being led – what is true and what are lies. I can’t help but believe that we could be spending our time and money a lot more efficiently with far less intrusion into our personal lives.

I don’t really know if Edward Snowden is a hero, whistle blower, or traitor. Perhaps he is a bit of each. But his revelations have sure got me thinking.

By the way, I feel no safer today than I did on 9/11. But that’s OK.