New Mexico citizens voted in a new Governor who is no nonsense when it comes to protecting the citizens. This new Governor is attempting to undo some of the laws enacted during Governor Richardson's watch. Some of these laws threaten national security.

Governor Susan Martinez was district attorney for 14 years prior to being elected Governor in 2010. During her stint, Martinez had a record of battling public corruption. She was responsible for convicting the Doña Ana County Clerk of five felony charges of violating election code and a municipal court judge was convicted of voter fraud.

With her law enforcement background, it was easy for her to identify weaknesses in the states very liberal laws concerning illegal immigration.
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Her experience lead her to focus on the New Mexico law that grants drivers license to illegal/undocumented aliens. These licenses are issued without any requirement of a social security number and no proof of citizenship is required. As long as you give a New Mexico address, a license will be granted. On the surface it seems, what's the problem with giving someone a drivers license, what harm can it do? Actually it can do a lot to harm our country.

New Mexico and Washington are the only states that allow illegal immigrants to obtain the same driver's license as a U.S. citizen. A state issued drivers license with a picture, is an acceptable form of identification in all 50 states. Once you have a state issued drivers license it allows you to board aircraft, open bank accounts and make financial transactions. It is also an acceptable form of picture identification which some states are requiring in order to vote. This law can and has, opened up our country to security breaches, but it also helps compromise our voting system.

Governor Martinez contends that New Mexico's license system is subject to widespread fraud. The state has brought charges against international fraud rings, where brokers were paid to supplement fraudulent documents for foreign nationals from other countries.

The Associated Press found that dozens of addresses, including those of businesses, have been used over and over again by immigrants to get a driver's license, suggesting a pattern of abuse.

Since 2003, New Mexico has issued more than 90,000 of these license to "immigrants" officials speculate that most of those have gone to illegal immigrants. However, it's impossible to know because it is against the law to ask about their immigration status. How many of these "immigrants" are drug cartel soldiers? How many of these "immigrants" are foreign terrorists?

Just for the sake of national security, these drives license laws for undocumented people should be stopped immediately. Attorney General Eric Holder and Head of National Security, Janet Napolitano should be all over this threat to our national interests. But instead they are busy suing states that have tried to assure their election systems are cleaned up of fraud and states that are enforcing their immigration laws.

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