Why doesn't my girlfriend like kissing? (Photo: mywapking.co.in)

Dear MTN,

I have a weird problem. I met this very pretty girl some months back and we've been together almost every night of the week, since we've met. She always will stay at my house. Sex is great so I should have nothing to complain about, except for the fact that she won't ever kiss me. I asked her the first time she asked me not to kiss her why, but she just said she doesn't like it.

I like kissing and I think the sex would be even better if we kissed. It's almost like she's the guy in this relationship. I'm too embarrassed to tell my friends about this. Is this a usual thing that people aren't into kissing anymore? Do you think she has a dark side and some bad reason she doesn't want to be kissed? Or do you think I am making too much of this and I should just deal with it.

Thanks for your help - Bryan

Dear Bryan,

I have been hearing this a lot lately, but unfortunately I do not know what it means. The few people that have written to me just have said that they do not like the intimacy part of kissing. I would not be concerned yet, since it's only been a few months, but I would keep my eyes open to make sure she doesn't have any intimacy issues.

After six months of dating, if she still doesn't feel comfortable kissing you, I would talk about it more with her. Kissing should be a healthy part of your sex life, especially since you enjoy it so much.

Good luck and please keep me posted. I would like to see how this works out for you. - MTN