Posted by BrianBoru at 11/7/2009 4:24 PM EST

It's not surprising that Notre Dame is trailing Navy at the half. I've been saying all along that this team, this program, is on the fast track to obscurity with Weis limping about the sidelines.

A reminder: Navy lost to Temple last week. Yes. Temple.

Thus far today, the running game is absent and Jimmy Clausen is once again being asked to carry the weight of the offensive success on his shoulders.

Regardless of what happens in the second half, Weis should be jettisoned from South Bend at season's end. How much more can this program falter before enough is enough?

And how about the Michigan Wolverines...? Soon after the Irish were defeated by Michigan, I wrote that Michigan would suffer (at least) five losses. I offered that they were a fraudulent football team and that quarterback Tate Forcier possessed a pea shooter for an arm and that he would be benched before his time in Ann Arbor was finished; well, today they were upended by the hapless Purdue Boilermakers to fall to 5-5 on the season — this after beginning the season 4-0. And they defeated Division 1-AA Delaware.

So much for a 'signature' loss. Ditto the Southern Cal game. Oregon devastated the Trojans last week, further debunking the sentiment that this has been a good season for the Irish and head coach Charlie Weis.

Second half is here....