Did you all tune in on Tuesday to Ros na Rún - 2/2/10? New shows are aired at 3:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with both shown together again on Sunday. You can go to TG4.tv at the time of broadcast and watch it at the same time it's airing live in Ireland, or go to the Dráma - Cartlann and catch episodes in the archive. It's a great way to learn the language as it's spoken, and great for plot-twisting and character development.

Molly there above as played by Lisa Ní Laoire is Bríd's daughter. Mother and daughter are at odds because Molly is absolutely contemptuous of Mícheál--Bríd's love--while unquestionably adoring her own father Johnny who is a cocky artist come out of the blue to sort things out between his daughter and Bríd, and determined to cause problems for everyone.

Tadhg and Frances are back with baby from their honeymoon only to discover Jason has left the pub neglected. Jason it turns out saved Ríona's life from a suicide attempt. She's saying nothing, and has made a big mess for her family. Her suicide note was written with a confession, admitting to having killed the abusive father of her baby--O'Dowd, but she really did no such thing. It was really Tina who did that, and Tina talks to Ríona's sister Róise like a mentor, advising that the suicide note/confession letter be be handed over to authorities. This would pin Tina's murder on the distraught Ríona. Vincent, the father of both Ríona and Róise has caught on to Tina's evil, and we can expect he's going to confront the real murderer today at 3:30 when the second part airs.

Meanwhile--and there are a lot of meaningful meanwhiles in Ros na Rún!--Séamus Ó Catháin is hurt by young Oisín who once thought Séamus his grandfather, and now seems to want nothing to do with the old gentleman. Oisín's mother is neglectful and was the originator of the confusion between the pair. Back in town also is David--Berní's old flame--who's a former priest and acting the older brother to Oisín. When Berní woke from her night in the handcuffs a while back, she revealed her dream to be about David, but she's denying her feelings and denying David a chance to hang with Evan her son.

Mack the messer who locked Berní and John Joe in the handcuffs is to learn that his ex--Adelaide--is pregnant. Berní was partly the reason Mack called off his wedding to Adelaide last season.

Máire the one who made sure everyone in town knew about Berní and John Joe's proclivities is seen in the episode caring for her husband Peadar, who's fighting cancer with her good help. You'll learn about the power of anti-oxidants and holy water from her, and she defends Jason's name, showing how gossip is not just back-biting, but also just the news on local reputations.