The recent case of a North Carolina high school student berated by his teacher for daring to question her pro Obama rants, has opened a window into the public school classrooms of America.

For months the student had listened to the teacher during "open discussions" rant on about President Obama's virtues among other topics and would not tolerate any dissent.  It was basically a one way conversation and not an open discussion if you disagreed with her political beliefs.

Tonya Dixon-Neely, a teacher at North Rowan High School in North Carolina, caught on video scolding a student for speaking negatively about President Obama, has now been suspended, of course with pay....In the private sector this is called paid vacation.

Here's an excerpt from the exchange:

Teacher: “Let me tell you something now about me. As a teacher, I’m not supposed to allow you to disrespect the President of the United States. ”

Student: "I’m not.  I didn’t disrespect him, I was just asking a question.”

Teacher:  “You are. You do, you always do.”

Student “I have, I have different beliefs.”

Teacher:  “You can have a different belief, but you will not disrespect him in here.”

The teacher went on to say that when George Bush was President, people were arrested for saying bad things about him, saying, “You are not supposed to slander the President.


Listen to teachers recorded outburst and interview of  the student and his mother on Fox and Friends

In this teachers world it is slander to question the President of the United States.... And she is responsible for teaching hundreds of young minds?.  Will this "teacher" be kept on the payroll due to union rules that make it nearly impossible to get rid of incompetents in the system?

This teacher knows absolutely nothing about civics.

But the real question is, where did this teacher get her PC education to be able to assault our children with these false beliefs?  Sadly, for the most part,  parents have little choice where they can send their children for an education if they can't afford a private school..

The public education system has broken down into a broken record.  You can see the end product in the Occupy movement,  mostly young people who feel cheated because life isn't giving them what they had been promised after receiving their "education".  Of course if they would have received an education, heavy in mathematics, science, engineering, or medicine, there would be recruiters banging on their doors to offer them jobs.

The public school industry, dominated by public sector unions whose leaders have stated on the record their main goal is power.  Their default message is? More money. This message is starting to ring hollow and parents are voting with their feet when given the opportunity,  by sending their children to newly established charter schools and alternative education institutions.  These alternatives in public education, not fettered with the same constraints and bureaucracy that regular public schools have, are flooded with applicants and have huge waiting lists.

This hunger by parents to escape the mediocrity of the public education industry has not gone unnoticed in political circles and there is a movement afoot to offer help to desperate parents who want a real education for their children.

Mitt Romney has come out boldly in favor of school choice.  The simple answer to this is to offer parents vouchers for the same amount of money which is given schools per pupil.  These vouchers can be taken to a school of their choice, public or private,  that will pay for their children's education. 

This is a win win situation for our nations future and our children.  It opens up the education industry to competition, something unheard of these days. If schools want students, then they must offer a good product or go by the wayside....because the newly opened school down the street will.  Good teachers will be kept, excellent teachers will be rewarded and cherished. Teachers like Tonya-Dison Neely will be fired.

Instead of hi tech/science/engineering and medicine begging to import foreign workers because there are not enough qualified applicants being produced by our schools...foreign countries will be recruiting students from our schools to fill their workforces.

School vouchers, school choice....The time has come for our country to move forward with this.  But it will take courageous leaders to bring these changes about.  It can start by electing a President who is willing to take the steps necessary to implement this monumental leap.

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