Mitt Romney is the odds on favorite to get the GOP candidacy for President.  After the last several months of primary warfare he has been attacked from all sides, including shots from President Obama. Many people think he hasn't fired back at his critics as hard as he should. Of course his opponents say he is a street fighter who is unmerciful in his attacks.

But there's so much more to him, from his civil rights activist father, his own philanthropy, his problem solving abilities and his unheralded selflessness.  I am wondering why he hasn't aggressively gotten this part of his message out.  Is it that he is a self effacing man who doesn't like to promote his good deeds? Perhaps that's it.

But this is big league politics and you are in the tank with sharks, time to let people know who you are.

In that vein, I am going to expand on just a few facets of the Mitt Romney character that get drowned out by an avalanche of negativity.

Mitt Romney's Dad,  George, was born in Mexico to parents living in an American colony,  they eventually moved back to the US where they raised George.   He became a successful CEO  in the auto industry, Governor of Michigan and an unsuccessful Presidential candidate. George was a huge supporter of the civil rights movement and marched in solidarity with the Reverend Martin Luther King.  These made marks on Mitt and he always had a sense of fairness and compassion for others throughout his life.

Mitt attended Stanford University, Brigham Young University and graduated Magna Cum Laude near the top of his class at Harvard Grad School of Law-Business.  He is a highly intelligent man.  But throughout his time in school he had part time jobs in order to make extra spending money.  Even though his family was wealthy, they instilled in him a work ethic that has guided him to success.

Mitt Romney became CEO of Bain Capital.  With his brilliant leadership they rescued many companies that were doomed to failure and reorganized many of them into successful entities. His company saved or created thousands of jobs, the opposite of what you hear in the media.

While CEO of Bain,  Mitt learned that his partner’s 14 y.o. daughter was missing in New York City.  Mitt shut down his billion dollar company and sent the senior managers into New York’s underground culture to find her.  He hired private investigators and authorized printing of 300,000 fliers to distribute. In addition, he set up command posts at two hotels and kept up the search until they found the young girl shivering in a basement, suffering from a drug overdose.  All of this was done at his and his fellow executives expense.

Mitt decided to give his family inheritance away to charity after the death of his Father.

After Mitt Romney left Bain Capital, he took over as head of the floundering Olympic game preparations in Salt lake City.  He turned, what was going to be a sure disaster into well run and successful Olympic Games.  Mitt donated all of his salary and benefits for this work to charity as well as donating 1 million of his own money to the Olympics.

He ran for Governor of Massachusetts which had a 3 billion deficit and the countries highest unemployment rate.  Just like with the Olympics, as Governor of Massachusetts he reorganized the state and turned it around.  During his entire term,  he refused to take a salary

Mitt Romney has given millions to charity over the years, some figures say he gives about 16% of his annual income away to charity.  Compare that to many of his prominent critics who talk a good game, but who only manage to be charitable when it comes to giving other peoples money away.  Mitt gives his own.

Mitts and his wife Anne have been together since their teens and have 5 children.  Anne  is a huge asset to Mitt, she is combination of grace, dignity, compassion, intellect, poise and common sense.  She has had her health issues dealing with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis during the years.  But they have never left each others side. 

As we watch our country spiral into unsustainable debt and  no budget for 3 years, due to lack of leadership, it's time for someone with character and know how to turn our ship around. Mitt Romney is clearly the man for the job.

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