The reverent (or irreverent) Father Patrick Aloysius Misgivings will appear at the Irish Cultural Centre on Saturday, April 27th at 8pm for his signature performance, “Misgivings”, on matters relating to all things Catholic. Fr. Misgivings, stage name of David Kane, as he is otherwise known, presents an interactive, hilarious comedy show about growing up Catholic—as he explains on his website, “from miracles and marriage counseling to bazaars and birth control, nothing escapes the good father’s Irish wit”.
Kane’s Catholic priest alter ego is so convincing—his poster shows him gazing sternly out, collar and all—that many ICC members have mistaken him for the real deal. While visiting the Centre during our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, one member picked up the show’s flyer and remarked on how lucky it is to have such talented priests in the area! All kidding aside, David Kane’s performance is very much tongue in cheek, recognizing the humorous side of the various milestones of a Catholic upbringing by including a collection, a raffle, and even a game of Bingo. Many of Kane’s “Misgivings” performances benefit various charities and are a huge success at fundraisers throughout the area.
A native of Pawtucket, RI, Kane currently resides in the Ocean State. He has, at various points in his career, been a comedian, radio talk show host, actor, and has published a book titled41 Signs of Hope about the legacy of his son, Nicholas O’Neill. Nicholas was the youngest victim of The Station nightclub fire in RI in 2003; his loss propelled Kane to become a proponent of fire safety regulations and fire inspections. He also performs a live, interactive show based on his book and appeared in a documentary of Nicholas’s life entitled 41. The documentary was nominated for a number of awards, including being officially selected for both the Woods Hole and Northampton Film Festivals, and Best Movie Trailor in the Bare Bones Film Festival among others.
Kane’s performances are meant to inspire and uplift, taking events from his personal experiences and transferring them for the benefit of his audiences. In the case of “Misgivings”, Kane provides a lighthearted look at what is usually considered serious subject matter, in what has been called “New England’s Most Entertaining One-Man Show”. The ICC would love to see you come out to what is sure to be a fun-filled night on Saturday, April 27th. Tickets are $15 in advance and are available at or by calling the ICC Office at 781-821-8291. We expect a high turnout, so please purchase your tickets early to ensure a spot!