By Maria DelGreco

Mick Flavin and his band will be performing in Boston for the Veterans Holiday weekend this November. His first show will be Friday November 9th at 7:30 pm at the Malden Irish American Club on 177 West St Malden MA. The Saturday show will be at the Irish Social Club at 119 Park St West Roxbury MA at 7:30 pm and the Sunday show will be at Local 103 IBEW Freeport Hall on 256 Freeport St Dorchester MA.

Mick Flavin and his band have recorded 13 Albums to date and are currently celebrating 25 years in the music business. He brought Irish Country Music to global recognition in 2005 by being the first Irish artist to be nominated by the prestigious Country Music Association of Global Artist.

Mick Flavin grew up in a thatched farmhouse in Ballinamuk, Co. Longford. Working on a farm and running wild through the fields was a favorite part of this country boy’s young life.

His early home life was centered on an old record player and this influenced his interest in music and in people like Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Hank Williams and Tex Ritter. On his way to the well for water he always held the bucket over his head so he could hear the reverberation of the sound when he sang.

Mick recorded his first album in June of 1986 at a recording studio in Athlone and put down 10 tracks, which were released at Christmas of the same year. This album was an unprecedented success on Radio Stations, which were very popular in Ireland at that time. Success followed, and he recorded with Harmac and Ritz Records recording a total of 13 Albums and 3 Videos. Silver and Gold Discs are some of the honors.

Mick Flavin has a great following all over the world and we are very privileged to have the opportunity to host Mick and his band in Boston on November 9th, 10th, 11th. Tickets are $25 and can be ordered online at or by calling 781 534 3919.