President Obama and the First Lady

The inauguration of a president to a new four year term, is celebration for all Americans to be proud of.

Our political system has shown we can have a peaceful and orderly transfer of power after popular elections; no need for armed overthrows of leaders.

Inauguration day is when the leaders and their families come together as Americans, despite their political differences. It’s a moment in time when our leaders can mark a new spirit of cooperation for the country and set the tone for the rest of the citizens. 

After all we are all crew-members on this ship of state called America.

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So much of the inauguration festivities are symbolic, that’s why it has always been a day to observe social mores and show basic respect.

When cameras caught Michelle Obama’s, look of contempt and disdain towards the speaker of the House John Boehner during a luncheon, it came as a shock for many.

This is not what this day is about and it brought out an ugly truth on a day that was supposed to be reserved for celebration and unity as a country.

If looks could kill, John Boehner would have been lying on the floor after the treatment he received from the First Lady at that luncheon; Courtesy of My Fox,

Boehner, sitting next to President Obama and Michelle, was trying to make polite conversation with them, but as the video showed, Michelle showed as much courtesy to Boehner as she would have to a lowly cockroach. She didn’t stop eating, to acknowledge the Speaker and couldn’t have flashed a worse multi faceted scowl his way without missing a bite.

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From the video, Boehner acted like a gentleman and continued on with the conversation, not allowing himself to be dragged into the pettiness.

What would the reaction be if it was a Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi being shown such disrespect at a George Bush inauguration?

The First Lady and the president had an opportunity to mend fences and set a tone for the country yesterday.  They had an opportunity to mend the rift the country finds itself split down the middle on…..But if Michelle is any indicator of what lies in the heart of the White house, there will be little attempt to mend fences or find common ground.