Posted by Kelly Fincham at 9/15/2009 12:25 PM EDT
French-speaking passengers on a flight from Dublin to Paris got the fright of their life this week when a faulty PA system announced that the plane was about to crash!
The plane was traveling through turbulence and the English language announcement asked passengers to return to their seats.
However, the pre-recorded French version asked everyone to take their seats because they were about to crash.
One passenger said he got "quite alarmed,' (Yes, I can imagine you would get somewhat alarmed) when a French man next to him woke up in a panic.
“He translated what had been said to me. I got quite alarmed. The woman behind me was crying. All the French freaked out.”
The cabin crew eventually realized the error (all those Rosaries coming out of the overhead bins) and apologized for playing the wrong announcement, saying the PA system had "malfunctioned."