As thousands gathered in Washington DC to commemorate the new Martin Luther King Jr. monument, many looked upon this as a reflection of how great America is.

Many also say this memorial is a symbol of Americas acknowledgement and atonement for the many years we enslaved people simply because their skin color was different than ours. But America was too great a country to let the slavery injustice last. The underlying decency of the American spirit rose up and revolted against this cruel, inhumane practice and at great cost to our country, we had a civil war over it. Over half a million Americans died in this war.

It seems that in the course of history, great human beings appear to lead us through the tumultuous times of change. Some call it coincidence, others call it divine intervention

Abraham Lincoln was the man created for that great moment in our history. He kept our country together at grueling personal cost to himself and his family. When he first arrived in the White House prior to the outbreak of the Civil War, he was a healthy strapping man. The physical, mental and emotional torment this man suffered as President during the Civil War, reduced him to a gaunt hollow specimen by wars end. But he saw it through, kept our nation together and abolished the cruel practice of slavery But for that, he was cut down by an assassins bullet just days after the war ended. He wouldn't be around to help our nation heal its wounds and many injustices were still tearing at the fabric of our country. For a great understanding of Lincoln on a personal level ,a suggested book just out by Author Bill O'Reilly is called "Killing Lincoln".

The civil war officially ended slavery in our country, but it didn't end an ingrained prejudice against our fellow Americans just because of the color of their skin. This persistent prejudice permeated our society for almost a hundred years, until another great man rose up to the challenge of this time. He bravely and unflinchingly strode the streets of America to say no more, to judging our Brothers and Sisters by the color of their skin, rather than the content of their character.

Whether by coincidence, or divine intervention, Martin Luther King Jr. was the chosen leader to bring our country out of the darkness of ingrained prejudice and light the path of equality for all Americans, regardless of race or creed. There would be no more riding in the back of the bus for any Americans, because of their skin color.

Martin Luther King Jr., stood up and appealed to our nations sense of decency. A sense of deceny that is always there in the spirit of America, but sometimes it just needs the right leader to draw it out.

Marin Luther King makes us proud to be Americans and his words will always echo what we stand for when he made his "I have a dream" speech: Judge not by the color of the skin, but by the content of character.

Unfortunately Martin Luther King was struck down by an assassins bullet before he could witness what his bravery had accomplished to change America forever. He died around the same time that other great leaders were cut down by assassins bullets, Brothers John and Bobby Kennedy, both leaders who wanted to see equality for all.

The social experiment known as the United States has been around for over 230 years. During this time of our existence we have been a magnet for the world and a shining beacon on the hill.
But right now our country is in perilous times and I think it is a perfect moment for a coincidence or divine intervention to guide us. Will that great leader appear in the upcoming elections? Or is that leader walking the streets of America ready to shine the light on the path we are to take. We shall see.

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