Crowds getting wild at Karma nightclub in Athlone

Irish parents are reportedly enraged after an Athlone nightclub decided to promote a sex themed party to coincide with Leaving Cert (SAT) results' night.

Raunchy rodeo games, a wet t-shirt contest, and all-out drinking contests were among the attractions promised on flyers advertising the 'F**k Results' night at the Karma Nightclub, in Athlone.

The story made the front page of yesterday's Irish Sun, a popular national tabloid publication.

A spokesman for the National Parents' Council, the group representing Irish school children's parents, said that the promotion was 'appalling.'

Another told the Sun that teenagers "should not be subject to this kind of promotion"; a local politician described the night as marketing companies trying to "take advantage" of young students.

The night was the work of the now-notorious Midnight Promotions, a marketing company that is no stranger to controversy and which previously caused media outrage after running a Dublin club night where female patrons could exchange their underwear for free drinks.

Remarkably, despite national media coverage of that promotion, Midnight ran a similar night offering free entry to women that sent in cleavage snaps just a number of days' ago.

The company, which has been regularly accused of misogynism, sexism, and 'crossing the line' with its edgy promotions, also suffered a massive publicity fallout from a night it ran at another Dublin nightclub, Alchemy, whose poster was sub-titled "if you're not up for it, don't cum."

A "significant number of complaints" were lodged to the country's advertising regulator in the wake of that event, but it said it did not have authority to regulate the contents of advertising via social media at the present time.

A Facebook group with 600 concerned members was even founded to "end Monday at Alchemy's sexist and dangerous advertising," still believed to be managed by Midnight.

The company is also largely behind a new tabloid-esque college news website, according to the University Times. which largely features content about sex, drinking, and celebrity news.

It's men's guides on one night stands recently, similarly, provoked a number of complaints.