A screen grab of the man wiping his face

A video of a man allegedly wiping his face with a €50 ($66) note at Ireland’s famous Galway races has gone viral.

The 15-second clip has gained more than 322,000 views on YouTube, since it was uploaded on August 1.

While a RTE reporter was interviewing former golf pro Barry Orr, the man smartly dressed in a suit can be seen struggling to find something to wipe his face with, as he is caught in the rain.

The a gold ring clad man then picks what appears to be a €50 note out of his suit pocket and wipes his face with it.

Some viewers on Youtube were horrified over the man’s actions.

Assfsdaf asfdsfa wrote: ‘He has shown no respect for money or the people who struggle to keep afloat this gobsh**e is an a**hole of the highest order!’

Another commenter didn’t see what the big deal was.

 Thepolyflasher wrote: “Money is just fucking PAPER! And the money is not even destroyed. So what the fuss? “

Check out the video below