Posted by wolfhound at 4/26/2009 8:31 PM EDT

It took a while for The Wolfhound's bark to be heard all the way up in Westchester County, but as always, Wolfie gets results!

Alert readers, if any, will recall that Wolfie took slight offense when the editor of Westchester magazine (now the "senior editor"), Robert Schork, penned a work of blood whose first sentence was "I hate St. Patrick's Day." His vile nonsense summoned up all the usual stereotypes of mobs of raving, drunken parade-goers who ruined his northward commute to the psychiatric center by remaining happy.

Schork also did a fine impersonation of other two-bit bigots, summoning up the hackneyed old tune in his column about why there were no "greeting cards and parades to celebrate the Polish Jew, the Indian Hindu, and the Turkish Muslim?" You can sniff his original dung here, and enjoy The Wolfhound's award-pending retort here.

But sanity has prevailed, thanks almost entirely to The Wolfhound, and also to the possibly-not-Irish but certainly very intelligent chairman of Westchester magazine, Angelo Martinelli, who just wrote in the magazine: "After reading the article 'I’m Not Irish' in the March issue and hearing from so many of my Irish friends and my four Irish daughters-in-law, I wanted to write a retraction on behalf of the Martinelli family."

Even by The Wolfhound's lofty Pulitzer-like standards, it is an eloquent apology, which you can read here.

With the "Schork Affair" thus happily concluded, The Wolfound can again turn his attention to fact-challenged writer Paul Krugman of The New York Times, and hysterical historian David Starkey of no known employer.