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Related Spellings of the Name

O’Madden, Madigan, MacAvaddy, Madagane, Maddin, Madin,

Varient Spelling Groups: #1154, 1224, 2489

(Taken from the Master Guide to the Various Spellings

of Irish Family Names)

Historical Notes on the Madden Name

The family of O'Madden, of Ui Maine, can be found on the banks

of the Shannon River. Their territory included parts of the barony

of Longford in Co. Galway, and the barony of Garrycastle in Kings

Co. (Co. Offaly)....

In Keatings History "O'Madagain or O'Madadhain Anglicized O'Madden"

was given in Longford barony and on the other side of the Shannon in

the parish of Lusmagh in Kings Co.. They are given as a branch of the

Clan Colla, of the same descent as the O'Kellys, princes of the Ui Maine.

It should be noted that there are English families of the name, and

Maddentown in Co. Kildare is named for the same.

See link to Madden Castles and Castles of Galway at bottom, below.

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The Book of Irish Families, great and small


Irish Family Coats of Arms

Here is some of the information given in the Irish Book of Arms

1) The illustrated arms for Madden of Hilton Park are given

in the Irish Book of arms, along with the illustrated family motto !

Looks like a bird or an eagle on both the crest and shield along

with a cross.


The Free Master Index Search of Irish Names

at finds the family 97 times

including the following examples :

1) O’Madden in the History of the Milesian Families of Ireland.

2) O’Madden in Tribes and Customs of the Hy Many (arms, chief)

Madden of Baggotsrath, Madden of Fermanagh, Madden of Kildare,

Madden of Monaghan pedigree....

3) Anthony Madden, Journal of American Irish Historical Society 26.

4) Madden householders in Families of Co. Kerry, Ireland

5) O’Maddens in Surnames of Ireland with 200 family maps.

6) O’Madden History and chief: in Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters.

7) J. Madden, O’Maddens: in Irish Families on the California Trail.


Website of the Week:

Madden Castles in Ireland

- over 10 illustrations with commentary.

Including: Ballymore Castle, Brackloon Castle, Cloghan Castle, Derryhivenny

Castle, Eyrecourt Castle, Lismore Castle, Longford Castle and more....

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