11/17/2009 02:37 PM

Lou Dobbs took yet another cheap shot at hard-working immigrants Monday night when he fetched up on the Bill O'Reilly show.

Dobbs - who quit CNN last week in a flurry of publicity - made his first public outing on Bill Reilly's "The O'Reilly Factor."

He has so far refused to say why he quit, but on O'Reilly's show he suggested his leaving had something to do with the single shot that was fired at his house in October.

"I know someone shot at our house - it's a demonstrable fact - that followed months and months of threats on the issue of illegal immigration. It became a matter to me of some intensity."

With all due respect Mr Dobbs, that's one big pile of horse manure.

As Sgt. Stephen Jones of the New York State Police told the New York Times last month. "“It’s unclear at this point what the intended target was.”

Even further, law enforcement sources have said shots are often heard in rural New Jersey during hunting season.

Speaking on his radio show last week, Dobbs bemoaned the "anger, the hate, the vitriol," which surrounds the debate on immigration reform.

It's certainly true that any debate on immigration reform soon descends into vitriol but Dobbs himself has been one of the main reasons for this.

And he's certainly not adding anything to the debate by pretending immigrants fired the single shot at his house.