Before I begin I ask that you not judge.

I was a young starter; 15 to be precise- the age I lost my virginity.

I hung out with a bunch of Irish and Italian lads and to be totally honest with you I was one of the last of my group to…. Well, you know!

My best friend at the time, Niall, was the first to go and go he did.

It was Halloween night and Niall was only 14 at the time, just 14 in fact.

We’d been hanging out with these older broads (by older I mean a by a grade or two) for some weeks and on Halloween night one of them threw this awesome party. – I’ll always remember because it was where I had my first taste of vodka- anyway back to Niall’s virginity!

He was casually meeting this doll, she was 16 if I recall correctly, for a kiss from time to time but Niall was convinced he would become a fully- fledged man on Halloween and that he did.

How do I know for sure- because I saw them with my own two eyes?

Do Not Judge!!

I could ramble on but to get to the point after a feed of alcohol and some persuasion form his boys Niall led his girl upstairs to some bedroom and had a night he will never forget.

Naturally we (his friends) had to have a look so we took turns going upstairs and peeking in the door.

Hot stuff I tell you!

Later, Niall, proud as punch and as red faced as a quarter back, told us that the girl he just had sex with was “experienced” in all areas of the male body.

Enough said, I was on a mission to give in.

Being Catholic and all I knew deep down what I longed so much for was forbidden in the eyes of the church, and my mother, but the desire to have the same experience as Niall was becoming too much so after a few more months I had made it my New Years resolution to basically get laid.

My mission was called Shandra.

She was the same age as me and I knew her for years.

As a child I never really thought of Shandra as a potential sex mate but when puberty hit I found her irresistible.

There was one problem, Shandra had a long-term boyfriend (2 months) when the New Year hit and I turned 15.

Did that stop me? No but it should have.

After many nights hanging out with Shandra and listening to her boyfriend wows I finally plucked up the courage to ask her to kiss me.

I thought she would say no but surprisingly enough she obliged and I even got to second base with her that night.

As the weeks passed Shandra and I had made sneaky “dates” to continue with our physical activity and I have to say I was thoroughly enjoying every second of it; even if she kept telling me that she really loved her boyfriend and would marry him when they were 21.

Finally the night in question arrived.

It was the end of March and the weather had heated up a bit.

I asked Shandra to meet me at the local park and as always she was right on time.

I never discussed with Shandra my plans for that night but I did tell the boys.

But I was smart to avoid giving them details of where the “popping of Shandra’s cherry” would take place (she was also a virgin).

Things got heated up pretty quickly between us hormonal teenagers and when I, through the fumble and the rumblings on the grass, produced a condom from my right pocket, Shandra smiled and said, “If you’re sure.”

That was all I needed to hear.

I was half afraid she would want to keep this “special moment” for her boyfriend.

As things progressed and we fumbled more with our clothes and Shandra and I were ready to venture into the unknown, we heard a bunch of voices that were not so far off.

Shaken that the boys had found me and afraid that her boyfriend had discovered that she wasn’t grounded, we grabbed as much of our clothing as we could and ran as fast as we would if participating in the Olympics.

It was only when I was about to hide behind a tree did I realize that I had left my boxer shorts behind, a pair given to me by my father with, wait for it, my name – full name- on them.

I had no choice but to return to the scene of the crime and let Shandra, half naked, behind the tree.

As soon as I approached the area I noticed a guy with a press-like camera taking pictures, pictures of me running with only my pants on and shoes to retrieve a pair of boxers left on the grass.

I’d never been so scared in my life.

Shandra and I spent the following weeks scanning through every newspaper, local and national; to make sure our pictures didn’t appear anywhere.

They didn’t thank God.

After a few weeks, and Shandra broke up with her boyfriend because he was cheating on her, we finally got it together in her bedroom but it was far from the dream I thought it would be.

It hurt like hell but it did make me feel like a man!

Shandra moved to Chicago with her family that summer and we lost contact a few months later.

But I’ll always remember her dearly and laugh now when I think of the times we had together.