Alec Baldwin has said plenty of outrageous things over his career when untethered from a movie script, or teleprompter. Now Mr. Baldwin has his own live radio talk show. This may prove to be a goldmine of Rorschach like material, in the brave new scientific frontiers of narcissism.

The far left actor has aspirations of political office. No not just a seat on a local school board, but it has been said that he would like a shot at the Mayors office of New York City. After the Mayors office, the sky is the limit. Well, if this radio show is a kick off for his new political career, he certainly has gotten off on the wrong foot with millions of Americans.

Not being able to contain his leftward tilt the other day, he slammed one of the most popular Presidents in our history, Ronald Reagan. I am sure if the President were around today to hear Alec besmirch his reputation, he would just shake his head and with one of his smiles say, there he goes again.

Baldwin, fresh off a pep talk to his base last month in Zucotti Park, was ready for a rant against our beloved Irish American President, Reagan. While live on his radio show he blurted out: “Reagan seduced a whole generation of Americans into believing, you should have what you want more than they (the underprivileged) should have what they need, and don’t feel guilty about it,” In other words Reagan didn't care about the poor.

To top it off, he further insulted President Reagans memory with this: "He was a failed actor, who in my business what happens is you become ripe and you fall from that tree and you go — and he went into this other field because it was a role for him to play.”

Geesh Alec, People who live in glass houses, eh? Your career has had it's ups and downs too, no one stays on top all of the time. You forgot that Ronald Reagan was President of the screen actors guild and very politically active as a Democrat. After he converted to Republican, he became the wildly successful Governor of California. As Governor he learned the ropes of being a statesman, before he gained the Presidency. Remember he said: "I didn't leave the Democrat party, the Democrat Party left me?

Alec Baldwin's selective memory forgot to mention that Ronald Reagan's economic policies brought unprecedented prosperity for all Americans, including our nations poor. Ask people in other countries if they were going to have to be poor what country would they rather be "poor" in? What country in the world has a massive influx of people desperately wanting to live here?

Ronald Reagan isn't around today to respond to Alec Baldwins bullying. But Alec picked on the wrong Irish American a few years ago, when he had an exchange with famed radio talk show host Sean Hannity. The exchange started going sideways, when Sean, armed with truth, facts and figures refuted what Baldwin was throwing out. That set Alec off on a personal attack rant against Sean on live radio. Interestingly he capped his rant off with the worst sort of insult he could think of at the time, calling Sean Hannity nothing but a "construction worker."

Maybe Alec didn't realize that Sean Hannity was proud to be a construction worker during his career and talks a lot about it. Haven't kept up on the educational pedigrees of those of you in the entertainment industry Alec, you want to enlighten us?

Just like many others in the construction industry, they may not wear a suit and tie, or have a script in front of them, it doesn't mean they are not intelligent and know when they are being looked down those lofty intellectuals in the entertainment industry.

By the way Alec, what is wrong with being a construction worker? They buy movie tickets too.

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