Mayor Bloomberg was on the radio this morning co-hosting The John Gambling Show on WOR, when he felt the need to speak "Gaelic" as he called it, to explain what he felt about Arizona's new "show-me-your-papers" policy. You can listen to the whole show as a podcast at the WOR site, here. The audio excerpt below is the mayor responding to the Arizona immigration policy, where he expounds about the value of immigrants, about the need to chose immigrants based on skills-needed and about the bad thinking behind deportation movements and draconian laws such as passed in the south west. To summarize his feelings about America's current immigration policies, he said "as they say in Gaelic, it's meshugenah." Mayor Bloomberg meant of course to say "craiceáilte" (crack-awl-chuh) which is really the Irish Gaelic word for crazy, instead he said the Yiddish one. Listen to the mayor himself talking with John Gambling:

The mayor may be conflating Yiddish and Irish as the same language, after reading this story about "Getting Hebraic on Gaelic."