Lindsay Lohan is suing online stock trading company E*TRADE to the tune of a hundred million because of a commercial spot about (what else?) babies who are diversifying their portfolios, cheating on their baby girlfriends, and dealing with milkaholism. Trouble.

The spot features one baby dude convincing his baby fly honey that he stood her up because he was diversifying his portfolio, not because "that milkaholic Lindsay" was over.

TMZ reports Lohan filed suit in the Nassau County, NY, claiming her "name and characterization" were used without her consent. Her lawyer didn't comment on the "milkaholic" part, claiming it's the name that's a lawbreaker and it doesn't matter that her last name wasn't mentioned.

"Do you know the name Oprah? Do you know the name Madonna? Same thing." said her lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia told TMZ. two cents? No, it really isn't. But two thumbs up on trying to make a buck off your "milkaholic" reputation!

Watch the commercial spot here