Ed Schultz near tears
 The Tuesday June 5, 2012 date, will go down as epic a defeat for the left,  as the of the Battle of Gettysburg was for the south. 

Fox News had a man on the street interview with a Wisconsin Democrat activist who had just got news his efforts to recall Governor Walker had gone down to defeat.  Through his tears he whined that "this was the day democracy died in America."  Huh? This election is what democracy is all about, one side wins, the other side loses...Usually without bloodshed, that's the idea.

If you weren't paying attention and your only source of information was the New York Times, ABC, CBS and NBC....

You would think the outcome of the recall election of Governor Walker last Tuesday was a real squeaker and he just survived.  But that is not the case, no matter how they spin it.  Governor Walker and his Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch, hit the Democrats and their government union allies with a humiliating defeat.

Left leaning pundits and political spin doctors try to explain it away as: "We just didn't get our message across" and have also used the "we were outspent by out of state special interests"  and "folks were getting recall fatigue" as an excuse for their election day catastrophe.

In spite of some Democrat districts having 119% voter turnout,  (How do you get more votes than registered voters?), millions upon millions of dollars in attack ads and bussed in out of state "volunteers" waging war against the Governor,  he won with a large margin in a very Democrat state.

Wisconsin voters evidently didn't need to listen to the message, but just looked at the numbers and they liked what they saw. Governor Walker balanced their budget, which had a 3.5 billion deficit when he took office, but most importantly broke the stranglehold the government unions had on his state. 

Many other states teetering on the brink of fiscal insolvency are taking note of how Wisconsin stood up to the Democrat/labor machine and crushed it.  On the same day as the Wisconsin recall election 2 California cities, San Jose and San Diego, facing fiscal calamity themselves, overwhelmingly voted for public union pension reform, in spite of heavy Democrat and public union campaigning against it. The handwriting is on the wall:  The once supreme control the Democrats/government unions had over many of the blue states will be a thing of the past.

But Wisconsin is just one battle out of many and the news gets worse for Democrats

There have been a series of setbacks for Obama and the left this past week besides the Wisconsin defeat.  Ugly job numbers, Romney took in record amounts of donations, insubordination in the Democrat ranks by high profile figures and a growing call by many for the Attorney General to resign.

These setbacks, failures and political betrayals are just on the domestic front.

Internationally, Europe is careening towards a fiscal meltdown in spite of President Obama lecturing them several months back that they must eat their fiscal peas. Syria is slaughtering its civilian population while the administration dithers and Iran races forward with their plan to go nuclear, thumbing their noses at us.

Possible huge scandal looming?

Disturbing stories in the New York Times, seem to confirm the source of leaks of some of our most highly classified information may be coming directly from the White House, who seem to be politicizing our national security.  These leaks have lead to the jailing of our intelligence asset in Pakistan who helped us kill Osama Bin Laden, exposed our top secret SEAL team 6 and outed a double agent infiltrated into Al Quaeda. They also let Iran know we and the Israelis had corrupted their nuclear computers with a worm that had befuddled them...until now.

Awkwardly for the President, all of the security leaks seem to be designed to shed him in a positive light.  President Obama in an impromptu news conference yesterday was confronted with a reporters question regarding these leaks.  In a bizarre answer, he said he was offended that anyone would think the White house would be the source of such leaks...But he never technically denied them either.

To top it all off, a new poll came out that showed Mitt Romney is gaining in popularity and it is likely Republicans will consolidate their hold on the House of Representatives.  The poll also showed Republicans have an excellent chance of gaining control of the Senate in the coming November elections.

Seems the best thing about last week for President Obama and the left, is that it is over.

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