I watched the Academy Awards last night with my grandparents and their friends, and a large part of the conversation was nostalgic: the spotlight was on aged and aging stars, and the young 'talent' in line to replace them seemed, well, lacking.

I know Kristen Stewart's only nineteen, and I'm sure she's a lovely girl. But I was surprised to find a dearth of snarky blogs or mentions at all today in regards to her stage presence, which I found frankly appalling. When she took the stage with Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner to introduce a montage of horror films (it's unclear to me what, if anything, the Twilight franchise has to do with classics like Psycho and Frankenstein), I thought she looked less like a confident, spotlight-ready star than an awkward kid forced to give a class presentation.

Her posture was awful, her speech was uncomfortable and halting, she stopped at one point to cough, and worst of all, she seemed to be unfortunately a victim of RLS (restless leg syndrome.) She was fidgeting the whole time.

I may be only three years older than Kristen, but I was taught that when you're onstage, you stand up straight, speak slowly and clearly, and stand still. And that's for a middle school chorus recital, let alone the Academy Awards.