Posted by Kelly Fincham at 6/29/2009 11:38 AM EDT

Check out our coverage and video of Susan Boyle at the O2 Center in Dublin... Click here

Dublin looks set to take the stage tonight for the next installment of the Susan Boyle story.

Susan is scheduled to perform in Dublin at the O2 Arena (which used to be called the Point Depot, but that's another story) and already the vultures are circling.

"Informed sources," (don't you love when so-called 'informed sources' won't give their real name?) have said she is unlikely to appear because she's lost the run of herself.

Lost the run of herself? Good Lord, what did the poor woman do to deserve that kind of smear?

More likely, Susan Boyle, in her all her brave, scared, messy humanity doesn't fit into the kind of boxes the media reserves for worthy female celebrities.

Worthy celebrities. You know the type. Rail-thin, super-white teeth, flawless skin and procreating like rabbits.

Just take a look at the front page of the supermarket tabloids the next time you're in, well, a supermarket, and you'll see picture after picture of beaming mothers and beautiful children.

Angelina is/isn't pregnant. Jen is/isn't pregnant. Katie is/isn't pregnant. Eva is/isn't pregnant.
And on and on it goes.

It seems as if it is not enough for a woman to be successful. In today's addled world, she must also be a willowy star with a child on each hip like some kind of surreal accessory.

Actually, now that I think of it, women without children do not fit into the regular day-to-day world, never mind the super-charged celebrity world.

And that's the world where Susan Boyle now lives.

No wonder she's finding it uncomfortable.

Usually I treat reality shows with the contempt they deserve. But I've been a fan of Susan Boyle since my boss forced me to watch her audition saying it moved him to tears.

In that first audition tape, you can see she's delicate but wow, when she started to sing you can hear her power and strength.

Susan Boyle has an incredible voice and she has overcome serious obstacles to get where she is today.

If nothing else, maybe Susan Boyle has proved that sometimes talent IS enough.

I'm hoping those "informed sources" are wrong and that she blows the socks off them at the Point Depot tonight.

And yes, that's the Point Depot! No free branding for 02 here!


Just in case you've missed it, click here to see a video of an achingly young Susan singing