I did something a bit different for St. Patrick's Day this year. Instead of going out with friends all day, I went to see one of Riverdance's final shows at Radio City Music Hall. I was unsure of my choice at first-while all my friends were out, I would be sitting in a crowded theater hall with a bunch of random people by myself (I only had one ticket). But I had always wanted to see Riverdance and this was my only chance. And I'm so glad that I saw it.
Radio City Music Hall was packed with people, from young girls dressed in their own Irish step outfits to people fresh from the St. Paddy's Day parade. Needless to say, green was everywhere.
The show was amazing. I knew of the famous dance sequence from watching it in my Introduction to Celtic Music class through the Irish Studies department at NYU. Nothing compares to seeing it live. Since this was the opening night, the audience was excited and so was the cast. Their excitement was evident and brought the crowd to their feet. My favorite numbers were thunderstorm, riverdance, and trading taps. If you can somehow find trading taps on youtube, it will absolutely amaze you!
Yet nothing beats the dancing. Some of the dances incorporated the dancing techniques from other countries, including a flamenco dancer and Russian acrobats (anyone who has seen the show can probably describe this with a bit more artistry than I can), but each routine evolved into the typical Irish step dance.
While I know that people are upset that this is their farewell tour, all I can say is that they saved the best for last. It is truly an unforgettable experience!