Last night at the Vice Presidential debate in Kentucky, the nation got to witness the last vestiges of dignity get stripped away from the office of Vice President.  This administration’s all out quest to remain in power saw truth and dignity sacrificed for that goal.  

Joe Biden’s conjured up inner outrage lead to a spectacle on stage never duplicated in past debates of this magnitude.  Smiling bizarrely while the conversation centered on our soldiers being killed in Afghanistan, Biden even laughed out loud ( insanely?) while the conversation shifted to the possibility of a nuclear armed Iran.  Joe was seen by many as a deranged and cranky old man last night.

But one positive aspect for “green energy” emerged. Many folks in the alternative energy business thought Joes expensive teeth could be a new found source to power solar panels, as he flashed them constantly and inappropriately last night.

The only ones who seem to roar with approval are the far left, who were looking for blood after Mitt Romney dismantled President Obama in last weeks debate.  But Romney, unlike Biden, did his work without rudely and thuggishly butting in while the President was talking. 

Instead of battling Paul Ryan using ideas and truth, Biden was like Stephen King’s Pennywise the clown armed with a crude club. Biden interrupted Ryan in mid sentence 82 times and even butted into the moderator mid sentence several times for good measure.

Biden was able to get away with many complete and false statements yesterday with the aid of the moderator, who cut off Ryan's responses before he could rebut a Biden falsehood….. Of course  Joes own thuggish behavior made it difficult to complete a thought.

What is left today is a bucket full of fact checks that show Joe had an utter disregard for the truth, ranging from the Libyan embassy scandal to Medicare, to Iran and our relations with Israel.  

Today many women were expressing their disappointment in the Vice Presidents demeanor last night.  To them he appeared to be a bully, especially when he pointed his finger at the moderator and lectured her.  Some women said Biden reminded them of ex boyfriends who wouldn’t take no for an answer.  Or more ominously, the type of overbearing man they would fear to work around.

The left was cheered by this spectacle and feel vindicated, however we are quickly losing the ability to have an honest debate in this country, if last night is an example of our present discourse.

At this rate, we will be choosing candidates for their gladiatorial skills, rather than their oratorical skills.

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