Good news and bad news from Ireland today.

The unemployment numbers dropped by 2,300 in February but not because people are finding jobs.

The Central Statistics Office says that the most likely reason for the fall in jobless claims is because people are leaving.

Emigration is back with a vengeance in Ireland.

Overall, the seasonally adjusted numbers fell from 434,700 in January to 432,400 in February.

The numbers of new people claiming unemployment has been dropping steadily since January 2009 when a record 33,000 people put in new claims.

The numbers suggest that the Irish started packing their bags last February (26,700); March (20,000); April (15,800); May (13,500); June (11,400); July (10,500); August (5,400); September (600); October (-3,000); November (900) and December (3,300).