It is apparent the GOP has been outmaneuvered in the message department when they try to convey what they stand for to the general public.

It’s no secret that President Obama and his advisers have tapped in to the popular main stream media and skillfully used it to their advantage when it comes to getting their version of the “truth.”

The GOP has been outplayed in this department for the past 4 years.

Claims from President Obama and his administration go unchallenged in the popular media and eventually become the “truth” because the GOP has lost the ability to challenge them. 

The GOP needs to immediately replace its present leaders who have presided over one failure after another and have allowed their message to be hijacked.

Speaker of the House John Boehner has proved repeatedly he is no match for the negotiating skills of Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  His previous pledges of forcing fiscal sanity on this administration have proven to be hollow…He needs to be replaced with someone who has better negotiating skills.

The House has the power of the purse strings and has never used this power to get concessions out of this administration.  Get someone in there who is not afraid of using this power to extract concessions from this administration.

Minority Leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell has been at the helm for 4 years of concessions, it is time for him to step down and let a fresh face in there.

The Republican Party has many powerful, articulate and younger faces in their stable of talent and should use them to their advantage….NOW. It is not the time to go along to get along & let whoever is next in line to step to the forefront, it is time for bold moves.

But these key changes in leadership should be coupled with a new PR campaign by the Republicans to get their message to the citizens.  The GOP needs a designated spokesman who can relate to the vast majority of the middle class Americans and speak their language....not another perceived country club Republican, or plutocrat.

The GOP should have several of its younger, articulate members at the ready, to stand up and answer President Obama the next time he has a one way conversation with the American public.

Of course, the media will most likely not cooperate in helping to level the playing field in the field of ideas, so the Republicans should be ready to buy millions in prime time ads to speak to the public. They should also aggressively get involved in the new political battlefield of ideas in Twitter/Facebook.  They are woefully behind the curve in the new media.

The GOP could show it’s depth by highlighting Senator Marco Rubio, let him be a main spokesman. He is comfortable in the media and can articulately explain complicated issues in a simple way.  Senator Rubio also has a star quality about him that can be tapped into and he would be welcomed in popular media venues.

The GOP has many other young articulate spokespersons that can be thrust into the media spotlight to counter the unanswered barrage of information coming from the left.  Names like Martinez, Cantor, Cruz, Ayotte, Haley and many others, including Darrell Issa & Rand Paul…The GOP  bench is wide and deep.....use it now