Pentagon officials are admitting that the Pakistanis (our allies) may have let the Red Chinese(our friends) examine and possibly take with them, the wrecked remains of the top secret helicopter left behind by Navy SEALS on their raid into the Osama Bin Laden compound.

This helicopter stealth technology developed by us, represents hundreds of billions of dollars in development and years of research. If the Chinese paid the Pakistanis for our technology, you can bet they didn't pay hundreds of billions for our most advanced technology.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that 24,000 top secret files had been stolen by a foreign intelligence service, the nations of origin were assumed to be China or Russia.. According to Pentagon sources this is one of the largest security losses we have ever suffered.

These are just the latest in a long series of top secret, classified technology losses our country has suffered. Of course the headlines we read are just the ones they let us know about.

Over the last few years some of the Pentagon's most sensitive systems have been compromised including surveillance technologies, satellite communications systems, military hardware, missile tracking systems and cutting edge aircraft design.

Who's minding the store? While our governments CIA agents are being well schooled in the PC world of racial sensitivity, gender awareness and LGBT respect, we have wholesale theft of our most major defense technology. This theft is by nations that have no respect for any rights, except their right to steal our precious technology.

Although it was never proven in a court of law, a man working at Los Alamos labs was accused of downloading all of our top nuclear technology secrets onto a flash drive. It was assumed that tech went straight to Red China.

Last week saw our nations credit rating downgraded the reasons behind this downgrade is the massive foreign debt we owe, which is like a 500 lb. gorilla on our back.

Since we owe money to just about everyone, lets focus our intelligence efforts on who got our super secrets. If it just happens that Red China got our top tech, they own over a trillion of our debt, how much is our top secret nuke tech worth, just for starters? How about wiping out that debt and sending them an invoice for the rest of the technology they stole from us?

While we're at it how about the countries of OPEC that we help prop up/protect with our military. We liberated the Iraqis it's only fair they pay for it. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE to name a few, are all enjoying high oil prices. In fact their very existence, is because of our protective umbrella.

Of course we are still in the process of "liberating Libya" with our kinetic military operation. Will we be giving them a detailed invoice for services rendered when the job finally gets done?

America owes a huge financial debt to the world...but the world owes America a huge debt and it needs to be reckoned with.

8/17 update: Today Donald Trump called for the United States to demand payment of the technology stolen by the Chinese.

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