The first reaction of many to the suspension of MSNBC far left commentator Ed Schultz is, why did it take so long?

Known for incendiary remarks and his debasement of all things conservative, Ed evidently went a bridge too far with the new management when he called conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham a right wing slut during one of his on air rants. He didn't just say it once, he did it twice to make sure he drove his point home.

The purposeful use of this degrading language towards Ms. Ingraham was designed to demean her and make her look "less than" in viewers eyes. He most assuredly used this language in a comfortable way to carve up Ms. Ingrahams reputation with the ease of someone used to doing it without fear of repercussion.

What brought on Schultz's on air rant? It was Ms. Ingraham’s "audacious comment" that it might not have been the greatest decision for Obama to be seen drinking beer in Ireland, as Missouri tried to pick up the pieces after a devastating tornado.

Previously Ed and his fellow co hosts could get away with the juvenile name calling, extreme language and degradation of women without a worry of any repercussions. They had a megaphone/cudgel which they could character assassinate conservative women with impunity.
Their favorite targets were ANY conservative woman with the gall to run for public office. Second in line were any conservative women who were in the media.

Watching the concerted character assassinations by the left over the past few years has given pause to many of us. We note there is a double standard in the liberal media and anything goes when it comes to putting the boot on the back of strong conservative women, in order to keep them down.

And just where has that stalwart defender of womens rights, the National Organization of Women (NOW) been during this constant assault on their Sisters? Nowhere to be seen or heard. Why? Because the women being demeaned are conservatives. Guess in NOW land some women are more equal than others.

But the new sheriff in town at NBC is starting to exert its hold on civility, far left heads have rolled at the network since Comcast has gained a larger stake in the network and it seems it will no longer tolerate over the top debasement that has been the hall mark before.

Lets hope this suspension brings some civillity back to the discourse.

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