America has huge reserves of coal, natural gas and oil, which can can gives us the ability to be totally energy independent without importing anything from foreign sources…If the will was there to do so.

There is not another country on this earth that has the amount of natural energy resources that we do and is not doing its best to exploit them for their own national security and economic health.  All countries look at the United States enviously for its great wealth in energy…yet we do not fully exploit them.   In some circles on the left, they seem even ashamed and actively try to destroy them, such as the “war on coal” being waged.

This is the 3rd installment of my interview with Danny Danon, deputy speaker of Israel’s Knesset and major spokesman for his country.
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 Israel is very much an isolated nation when it comes to energy.  Until recently, Israel had virtually none of its own energy and was dependent on outside sources to even light a lightbulb.

This caused huge potential security problems for this small country. It imported coal and had an agreement with Egypt to supply oil and natural gas, making it vulnerable to changing and hostile Mid East political turmoil.

The recent removal of Hosni Mubarrak, Egypt's long term leader and friend of Israel, saw the reins of power change.  Almost immediately friction began between the countries.  The pipeline from Egypt’s natural gas fields to supply Israel was sabotaged more than 14 times, making it unusable.

In April, the new regime in Egypt, by now headed by the Muslim Brotherhood, decided to cancel the long term natural gas supply contract with Israel.

This could have been a devastating blow, possibly forcing a war for energy, a nations lifeblood.  But in a dramatic, almost biblical turn of events, Israel had been rescued from the Egyptian decree by the discovery of huge natural gas fields off its coast.

The size of this discovery turns Israel into a long term, energy independent country.  They have more than enough gas to become an energy exporter.  This is game changing and history making at the same time…..As though a hand again parted the water to rescue the Israelis.

When I asked Danny Danon about this huge turn of events, his response was: “We were very lucky when we found the gas and within a year we expect to be transferring the gas from the sea into our power grid".

Danon expects to see his country become a major exporter of gas to its neighbors, as well as Europe.  Israel will no longer need to import coal or gas for its power. Danon "hopes that Israel’s cutting edge technology companies will find a way to get it off the use of oil to power its cars."  His aim is to "have the tech able to transform the countries fleet of cars to electric power and not have to import a drop of oil, since they will have an abundance of electric generation."

Danon calls Israel a “start up country” because it is home to so many high tech companies. A perfect blend of a country with leaders willing to aggressively pursue energy independence because they know that is the key to a country’s national security and economic security.  But also with leaders wise enough to allow its private sector to provide the technology, intelligence and know how to achieve breakthroughs to harness this energy independence.

Perhaps America’s leaders can learn from this and watch how energy independence will improve the standard of living for all of the citizens of this country.

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