How long are the Kennedy clan going to wander in the liberal desert before they produce a conservative?

My parents were Kennedy Democrats, both from Brooklyn. My Dad was a WW2 veteran of the Pacific and felt an additional kinship with JFK because they both fought in that theater of war, risking their lives for our country. My folks were Democrats because their parents were Democrats, because that's just what you were when you were Irish back then in New York and that's what they grew up with. The Irish grabbed power through unity, we fought our way up from the streets and the low rungs of the totem pole when we emigrated here. We would either hang together or hang separately, it was our call.

My Grandfather told me stories of how he was part of the political machine back in the 20's on the streets of New York working with the party bosses. Is that modern day version of vote gittin' called ACORN?...I don't know how much things have changed since then as far as voter registration and actual "voters", but I feel the modern day version of the democrat party would not be the party of John F. Kennedy in today's political reality.

I too started out my younger days as a democrat, why? Because that's what my folks were. But unlike my folks I didn't grow up in Brooklyn, I grew up out in the west away from the old big cities and got exposed to different political philosophies, so I broke the mold, I wasn't an automatic Democrat, I started to question things and question dynasties. I did begin to see the wisdom of the Chinese that generations are an endless wheel of mandarin, beggar, thief.

So what could get my attention and support for a Kennedy today? If an accomplished Kennedy stepped forward, bucked the trend and espoused a conservative view. In fact I think that's what could get the Kennedy family back in the arena. Could they do it within the confines of the present day Democrat party? I think not, conservative/blue dog Democrats seem to be a dying breed these days. The party seems to have been seized by the far left, epitomized by the rein of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

After experimenting the past 2 years with liberal control in the House, Senate and Whitehouse, the American voters decisively spoke and sent a Kryptonite missile into the engine of the Obama Reid/Pelosi juggernaut. Americans said enough! as they watched our national deficit/debt skyrocket to record levels, record unemployment levels, a frankenstein monster of a healthcare bill rammed through congress and a government growing larger and more out of control. There is also a perception that the rest of the worlds bullies are kicking sand in our face, they don't respect us anymore.

The vote results in November, also reflected that Americans have decidedly shifted to the right. All over the country the political infrastructure of the states and cities had a seismic shift, with conservatives making huge gains throughout the political landscape. The message is loud and clear: it is time to get back to where have always been as a country, right of center. Not that we have lost our compassion for the less fortunate, Americans have always been the most generous people in the world, but they see a need to give everyone on board our " Good Ship USA" an oar and help row us forward, no more free rides..

So, in the present political mindset of America would the public welcome another liberal Kennedy with a big government tax and spend message? I don't think so. But would the country welcome a Jack Kennedy type with a conservative message? Most decidedly so, the Kennedy name with a conservative message would be a person the citizens could rally around and be inspired by. If Jack Kennedy came on the scene today he would most likely identify with conservatives and would probably be a supporter of the Tea Party. He was a hawk when it came to defending our country by making us strong, he had seen first hand that the world is capable of producing great evil. He was also of the belief that you should not ask what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country. How inspiring are those words today? One of the first things he did as president was to call for a reduction in taxes saying that a rising tide lifts all boats. Does that sound like anyone in a leadership position in the democrat party?

One other thing you can say about JFK, he was not one of the "blame America crowd". He championed America and knew we were the lantern on the hill for the rest of the world. He was proud of his country and inspired us with that pride. He never blamed America or belittled us, unlike what you hear today when the present occupant of the Whitehouse goes on apology tours around the world. The Kennedy clan has married into Arnold Schwarzeneggers clan, technically he is a Republican. Bavarian Terminator blood, mixed with Irish blood could make a potent combination. Maybe there is a conservative Kennedy in the wings for the coming years. I think that would be a dynamic shift for the Kennedys and prove to be a blessing for America.