Is looking at strippers the same as cheating?
Dear MTN,

I really need your advice about my boyfriend. We've been together for five years and we've never cheated on each other yet. John knows that is the one thing that I would never get over and I trust him completely. However his sister is getting married and the groom wants his bachelor party to be in Atlantic City at a strip club. I told him that I feel that going to a strip club is the same as cheating.

He promises he would never be with any of the strippers and said that he has to go since it's his sister's finance and his family would be mad at him if he didn't go. What kind of family does this? I told him if he goes I'm breaking up with him. 

He thinks I'm totally crazy and going overboard with this decision, but I really don't think it's appropriate if he goes. How do I convince him not to go? Thanks for your help, and I love your column. 

 - Marissa

Dear Marissa,

I too do not like strip clubs and would be very unhappy if I were in your situation. However this is how you feel and your boyfriend should be considerate of your feelings. I am sure if you both take time and discuss this situation that a reasonable compromise can be made.

Also before you get really upset over this make sure it really is going to happen. I've heard of many guys saying they want a bachelor party with strippers and in the end, because of all the girlfriends and wives of the guys attending, that it never actually happens. So don't go breaking up over something that you aren't sure of. I would also suggest talking with his sister and see how she feels about the idea. She might not even know and once she finds out might cancel the plans for him. Good luck to you.

P.S. Guys getting married...don't plan a strip club for your bachelor party, it causes so many problems for the guys that you are inviting!

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