Karen Harrington

Democrat Committee Chair, DebbieWasserman-Schultz has been a polarizing figure in congress since 2005.  Known as a bomb thrower on the level of Howard Dean, her reputation for outrageous statements has been augmented by her lack of candor.

But Wasserman Schultz has been getting hammered in the polls in her south Florida Congressional district, especially since the DNC floor fight to take  God and the backing of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from their platform. See floor fight

Wasserman-Schultz has been uncharacteristically silent/evasive on that fight and it has only inflamed speculation she tacitly endorsed the original platform of no God and no Jerusalem.

I talked to Karen Harrington, the GOP candidate for Floridas 20thCongressional district to get an update on how her campaign is doing.  The last time we spoke was in February as she aimed to win the GOP primary for her party. See interview: Irish American GOPcontender Karen Harrington takes on top Democrat in Florida race

I asked Karen to update us on her quest to unseat Wasserman Schultz, as well as her opinion on a few issues which will shape the future of our country:
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
What is your opinion about businesses either reducing employees or changing them to part time status to avoid being in the grasp of Obamacare mandates. She said: “ I am not surprised; this administration doesn’t understand, the private sector will do everything it can to survive. If it means laying off employees, or causing under employment in order to remain in business, they will do it. Obamacare will kill the economy.”

How are the polls looking for you?  “We are delighted; our latest polling shows we are in perfect position with 25% of Democrats saying they will be voting for us. We are only 5 points behind, but there is a 16% undecided factor, which never bodes well for an incumbent.”

“We have received over 1.4 million in donations from 18,000 donors from all 50 states. Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Mark Levin, Michelle Bachman and a whole host of others have thrown their weight behind my campaign.  The Tea Party has been instrumental in their support of me, especially the local gathering which is comprised of independents/democrats and republicans.”

“We have support over a wide spectrum of political beliefs, where Wasserman Schultz is perceived as far left and has a narrow band of support.  My candidacy offers the voters of Florida a clear cut choice between DWS and myself. We call this campaign  Americas Race.”

In fact Harrington feels today’s democrat party has been hijacked by the far left, she sees many democrats switching to the GOP where they feel they have more representation. “If John F. Kennedy were alive today he would not be a member of today’s democrat party.”

As we discussed last time, the present administration has been waging a war against our energy sector, especially coal.  Governor Romney declared in his speech he would stop the war on coal and back efforts to make us totally energy independent.  Would you support those efforts if you were a member of congress?

“It’s a tragedy what the government has been doing to our coal manufacturing sector. Operations shutting down, companies going bankrupt and projects under assault by the out of control EPA, are going to damage our country.  We always get accused of not caring about the environment, etc., when nothing could be further from the truth.  We want to see responsible use of our natural resources in making us become energy independent and I will wholeheartedly help a Romney administration attain that.”

“The government needs to become a team player with our energy sector and not an adversary.”

With that being said, there is debate that will pit the ideology fueling the war on our energy sector against a strong voice defending the fossil fuel sector this November 5 at Duke University.  It should be considered a must see by Americans who care about the future of our country: See McKibben vs. Epstein.

Karen Harrington also told Speaker of the House,John Boehner when she met him: “He and the GOP will have to earn my respect in order to keep my support.  I just recently switched from being an independent to becoming a registered republican and I don’t believe in a go along to get along attitude.”

If Karen achieves success this November, her victory will send a clear message to Washington and she will go there with a wide coalition of Americans behind her.