Elizabeth Warren
Recently  it has come to light,  Massachusetts US Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren, has been claiming minority status as a Native American, even though she might be only 1/32 Cherokee. 

The Boston Herald reported Warren listed herself as a minority from 1986 to 1995, in the Association of American Law Schools’ annual directory.

The education industry is the incubator of affirmative action programs, set asides, special dispensations and hiring based on ethnicity.  So when someone claims minority status as a "Native American", doors may open to them where they would normally be closed to others. What a bragging right for an educational institution to have a real Native American on their faculty

Previous employers say that her minority status claim had no bearing on her employment...You don't say!  Those employers, all academic institutions include: University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas, University of Houston Law Center and presently Harvard law School.

Warren claims she used the status as a minority in hopes of being invited to a luncheon, or something.

Ward Churchill
Of course Warrens claims of being 1/32 Cherokee, seems to be 1/32 more than another infamous academic tribe mate, ex Professor Ward Churchill, the former "ethnic studies" Professor at the University of Colorado.  Churchill was fired from his post after making claims that the victims of 9/11 were “little Eichmanns”, or Nazis and he Considered America to be a genocidal nation.

Churchill was another "academic" who took advantage of the system by falsely claiming to be an American Indian in order to qualify for an affirmative action teaching position in Ethnic Studies.  Special dispensations were made for Churchill to get this position.

In 2005 the Rocky Mountain News published a genealogy of Churchill, and reported "no evidence" that he had even "a single Indian ancestor." A Denver Post genealogical investigation drew the same conclusion.

Dennis Miller opined that these academics may be descendant's of the Great Chief  "Spreading Bull".

If we are going to breakdown our ethnic backgrounds into 1/32 parts in order to gain special status, then it seems we can all lay claim to some sort of heritage, no matter how infinitesimal it may be. 

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