Check Artist in his money house (Reuters)

Check out a Photo Gallery of the Billion Euro Home here!

Irish artist Frank Buckley has garnered a massive amount of attention in Ireland this week, having built an entire house from €1.4 billion ($1.8bn) worth of decommissioned bank notes.

Everything including clocks, paintings, and the bricks of the house has been created from shredded banknotes.

This piece of art is part of a series called “Expressions of Recession”.

The Irish Times reports that his €1.4 billion house is worth slightly more than the amount unsecured bondholders in the former Anglo Irish Bank will receive this week.
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Buckley said “I’m sitting in my studio with my feet up on a box of €4 million of shredded notes and I thought, ‘God, this is just paper'…I just felt there needs to be a debate on this. Kids in school need to come down and see and get talking about it. What does currency mean?”

His project is housed inside the “Glass House” in Smithfield, Dublin City. Buckley began this project on 1st December 2011 and plans to complete the project in seven weeks.

Check out a Photo Gallery of the Billion Euro Home here!

Here’s the Irish Times video on his project: