Irish woman are not satisfied in the bedroom according to survey

Irish women come out on top when it comes to effort in the bedroom department with 42 percent having sex more than three times a week. Despite all their energy, a whopping 70 percent say they are sexually unsatisfied! Well God loves a trier!

The research comes from a recent survey conducted by Women’s Health Magazine which questioned 1,000 women in the UK and Ireland about their sexual habits.

Following the Irish in passion stakes were Londoners and Welsh women, with 33 percent admitting they have sex more than three times a week.

It seems Scottish men live up to their reputation with 82 percent of women from Scotland and the Southwest sexually satisfied.

According to new research, the time women are most likely to get frisky is at around 11pm on a Saturday night.

However, for many women, the idea of getting it on in the bedroom is not enough, with 44 percent of respondents admitting to having enjoyed “al fresco sex”.

Getting down and dirty in the great outdoors was voted as the “most exciting” way to become aroused, followed by sex at work (five percent) and on the beach (nine percent).

“It is great to see that the majority of women are satisfied between the sheets, or outside, as our … sex survey reveals,” said Farrah Storr, the magazine’s editor.