Photo of the hair in question
An Irish woman has posted an ad on the classifieds site,, in an attempt to sell her “virgin blonde human hair” for $762 (€600).

The poster writes “Willing to sell all 71cm of my virgin blonde hair. It has a circumference of 3.5 inches when tied in ponytail. I will shave my head so there will be short pieces at the front too. From crown to tip it's 71cm long. It has highlights in the sun and is very shiny.”

She goes on to describe she washes it “2/3 times a week”. She adds that she never straightens, perms, dyes or uses any chemicals or sprays on her hair.

“I do not smoke, drink or do any drugs.
Keep a very healthy lifestyle.
Mostly raw vegan diet.”

Although a little weird it doesn’t get really creepy until she says “I am willing to video the cut at buyers request and will cut and ship all 28 inches as soon as the payment has cleared.”

At the end she adds “Buyer is responsible for shipping and salon costs if required by buyer.”

The Daily Edge on picked up on this story on Wednesday and the sellers sent them through this video: