Alan Davey (38) and Brian Miller, both from Co Clare could earn big
with a ball of whale vomite (Photo: Star)

Two Irish surfers are hopeful they can cash in on a rare lump of whale vomit that could be worth up to 50,000 euro.

The Irish Daily Star reports that Alan Davey (38) and Brian Miller, both from Co Clare, found the hardened lump of vomit on the beach in Lahinch.

“Who knows what we could get — we have our fingers crossed,” Alan said last night.

The vomit could contain a substance called ambergris which is produced in the digestive system of sperm whales. The substance is used by high-end perfumes from houses such as Chanel and Lanvin to fix scent to human skin.

“One drop of ambergris can change a perfume,” Claire Payne, an aroma therapist and perfumer told ABC News. “It’s what we call an animalic smell, different to the citrusy or fruity scents. It’s like musk, and we use it in several of our fragrances,” she added.