Two secondary school student from Dublin have invented a portable defibrillator attached to an iPhone. The students believe that a pharmaceutical firm could develop a potentially life-saving tool from their prototype.

The students Owen Killian and Lucas Grange, from Belvedere College, have entered their incredible invention into the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in Dublin along with entrants from 346 other schools around Ireland.

The device would give three electric shocks to restart the heart and then key data could be relayed through an iPhone application. They believe that sudden deaths of sports stars such as GAA player Cormac McAnallen have shown that cardiac arrest could happen at any time.

Speaking to the Herald, Owen said “Where is a defibrillator at a five-a-side match in the Phoenix Park?...You have to hit the casual events. It's not just in sports clubs. What we need is a huge abundance of these devices all over.

"If you can get 70pc of all health professionals to get this technology, this device is guaranteed to be on every street in Dublin. Statistically, it's going to save lives."