Facebook ad gets punked Irish-style!
It’s no surprise that someone poked fun at Facebook’s first ever major advertising campaign and we must admit it’s even less of surprise that the culprits were Irish.

Facebook launched the advertising campaign to celebrate reaching one billion users, but it seems obvious to us that the Wieden + Kennedy created “Chairs are like Facebook” is pretty easy to mock.

Do you see?... You share chairs, well really big chairs.

You can see why Irish funny folks Dónal Mulligan, Cian Markey, and Richie Nolan felt they needed to put together this spoof.

In their blurb they simply state, “We saw Facebook's ad, celebrating a billion users, and felt it was missing something.

“You're welcome, Mark Zuckerberg!”

For full effect it’s best to look at Facebook’s own advert before checking out the very effective spoof. Here are both:

Here’s Facebook’s real advisement:

Here’s Irish spoof uploaded by Dónal Mulligan: